Shanchoy is a sing-songwriter from Toronto, now based in LA. She learned how to sing Bengali Devotional Music from her mother and performed at various cultural events and concerts starting from a young age. Her music is Influenced by many genres such as Triphop, Britpop, South Asian,  Downtempo, House and singer-songwriter styles. Her latest song "Song for October" produced by Lucas Fackler from "Idylmind" is a cinematic ode to hope, transformation and starting over.

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New Lyric video Out today! 

I  am so excited to release my lyric video for Song for October, created by the talented Hannah Ferber of @idylmind. 

I love the way Hannah has created an ethereal unwater world that illustrates the emotions of the song. 

The video can be viewed on Youtube. Please like, comment subscribe to my channel.

This is just the first of a series of release slated for 2023. I hope you enjoy it!




Welcome to my official music blog! 

I am so excited to announce the release of  "Song for October", my first single in a very long time. I hope you enjoy it. It is a song that is dear to my heart and represents transformation, starting over, hope, overcoming struggle, and the fact that it is "never too late"!

"Song for October" is available on all major platforms. Please add it to your playlist.

*If you are able, please support my future musical projects by purchasing the song through Bandcamp, or other music retailers such as Amazon or Apple Music. 

More about the song soon!!!

With Gratitude,


"Sing your life" - Morrissey

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